My Gift to the World

Eric Butterworth

I am mindful of the great need to give of myself to the world in gratitude for a life of many blessings.

I give you a new spirit of freedom, not so much the freedom to do what you want but the freedom to become what you must.

I give you a spirit of opulence, freedom from the fear of poverty, and the courage to lay claim to your Divine Inheritance of the Kingdom of God.

I give you the key to the prison doors of fear and worry, the padded cells of guilt and unforgiveness, and the dark dungeons of despair and futility.

I give you the blessing of healing and the realization that you can never be less than whole, and the perception to see yourself as God sees you: whole and

I give you the knowledge of how to live forever, not so much in length of years but in depth of livingness.

I give you the inexhaustible resource of love, and the ability to know its nature and to rightly use its energies. I grant to you the discipline to live continuously in the consciousness of love, which will heal all your hurts, harmonize all your relationships, satisfy every longing of your heart, and fill your life with abounding good.

I give you the contagious influence of joy, with which you may infect all persons with a new dimension of abundant living.

I give you "the peace that passes all understanding." Out of this will dawn the awareness that world peace begins within the individual. With this universal discovery, wars and rumors of war will fade from the memory of humankind, and people will get on with the business of living and loving and growing.

Eric Butterworth